Unrivalled Fraud Detection Software

Unique functionality drives ease, speed and results

End to end case management solution

Create and manage cases and tags on the fly to speed your investigation. Accelerate progress with a seamless, multi-user workflow.

  • Instant case creation & management
  • Personalised case views
  • Menu driven, multi-level customisation & tags
  • Transaction filtering & tagging accelerates investigation
  • Supports team collaboration on cases
illustration depicting people using fraud detection software

Instant case creation

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Instant case creation

Move fast: create and access cases on the fly; add accounts and see all your case data in a single search view.

Multi-level tags

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Design multi-level customised tags

Create order in your data: configure transaction tag naming conventions and tag groups ahead of investigation and analysis.

illustration showing fast ingestion of data using fraud detecion software

Investigate financial data from key sources

  • Finance and accounting systems
  • Spreadsheets
  • Bank statements

Analysis and reporting

Powerful fraud detection software tools to search, sort, analyse, manage and snapshot data. Funnel investigations and share your analysis effortlessly.

  • Easy search & analysis to identify data correlations.
  • Navigate search results rapidly: full data column sort & show/hide control.
  • Trace, filter & tag transactions to funnel investigations.
  • Create folders to save tagged transactions for further analysis.
  • Share your analysis quickly: export to Excel with applied tags.
illustration of data review process using fraud detection software

Smart, fuzzy and context searching

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Smart, fuzzy and context searching across all transactions

Search around a selected record’s date or original line number to quickly view correlations.

Folders and snapshots

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Use folders and snapshots to capture and structure analysis outputs

Create folders and save tagged transactions for analysis and sharing. Track investigation analysis by snapshotting responsive and non-responsive data.

See for yourself how Savitrace helps rapidly detect fraud in financial transaction data.