Interview with Rachel Dreycroft, Savitrace Product Manager

22 April 2024

Rachel Dreycroft, Savitrace Product Manager, takes time out from the product launch programme to share her journey, what makes her tick and why she is excited for the future.

Tell us about yourself?

I am curious and creative, I love to learn and be challenged and I always have several projects on the go to stretch me in different ways, some intellectually others physically.

At school I loved the variety of subjects and that led me into Mechanical Engineering at University and then onto a PhD in Mech Eng. I loved the breadth of the subject and the range of people it introduces you to and that you get to work with.

I found the PhD process really rewarding, it is so much more than people think, giving me a real opportunity to develop critical thinking and be challenged on my approach and observations. It helped shape many of the skills I use in my job today.

What attracted you to the world of Data Analysis and User Experience?

We all know the saying ‘lies, damn lies and statistics’ and I have always wanted to understand the detail behind the headline and be able to make my own judgements and decisions. In my PhD I worked with suppliers in the cosmetics sector helping to see how data could enhance the product development process. This gave me exposure to a range of roles and people and further fired my desire to work on enhancing the experience of the end consumer.

With Savitrace the opportunity to learn about the world of Financial Fraud Investigation, and especially the challenges that investigators face has been enlightening. To then be able to work with those practitioners on designing and building a solution that removes some of those barriers and makes their role more enjoyable is really rewarding.

What is your role within Savient?

I am Product Manager for our Savitrace product which addresses the key challenges in investigating financial fraud when managing large and disparate volumes of financial data. I love the role, it uses so many of the skills and experiences I have gained during both study and working and stretches me every day. I am learning, getting to interact with people which is energising and being challenged to develop myself further.

I love the environment that Savient creates for its employees, the way we are supported and the opportunities we get both work focuses, but also in CSR projects, helping the local community.

What excites you most about our new product?

There are so many things that excite me, but as you are asking me to choose one, it must be that we have a tool kit that we have designed and build with practitioners to address their specific challenges and it is now going to make their working lives better and more enjoyable. If I can sneak a second in, it would be that we now get to work with the end users on how we make the product even better based on their experiences and our knowledge of data and supportive technologies.

What is the most challenging part of your role?

Moving into Product Management and having the responsibility for the breadth of our offering is challenging but also a really positive experience. Balancing the freedom and opportunity for creativity with the requirements to get things done and build incrementally requires focus. I am a decisive person and like making decisions, but at times it’s so easy to want  ‘just one more feature in this release’.

What is the most rewarding part of your role?

I really enjoy working with people, having worked as a Software Engineer and then moved into Product Management, it’s great to able to cover such a broad spectrum of areas and work with so many different people. We have a great engineering team at Savient and working with them to turn a customer problem into a coded solution and then have the opportunity to present that back to the customer is very rewarding.

What do you do to relax?

Outside of work my focus is also on ways of being creative, I have recently learnt to Lime Plaster, as my husband and I are renovating our house which is rewarding and stressful at the same time. We live in the Cotswolds so I love walking the dogs over the hills and this is a key part of ensuring I achieve work life balance. One area that really lets me be creative is cooking, I like learning new recipes, but even more I like experimenting and creating new dishes.  I make my own chocolate from coco beans which is great fun and easier than you might think.