Client case study: mid-sized law firm delivers performance gains with Savitrace

27 May 2024

Discover new lines of enquiry, and search large data files six times faster

We’re delighted to be working with Tenet Law, a mid-size law firm from Birmingham, to support a live case under review. Working directly with a solicitor, Savitrace is supporting her work on a high-volume financial investigation.  She has taken time out from the case to describes her experience of using Savitrace in the first couple of weeks of the investigation.

Working in the real world

“The case I am working on currently has over 17,000 transaction lines, across four financial institutions, all with different PDF statements. I provided these to the Savient team who processed them within 48 hours of receipt so I could get started with my analysis.”

“During the initial training session, I was able to create a subset of data in 2 minutes that would previously have taken me over 30 minutes. A few days later I logged onto Savitrace and spent just 40 minutes searching and saving results. Something that would usually have taken me at least 4 hours in this scenario was conducted 6x faster!”

“By quickly running searches on Savitrace new lines of enquiry were opened and the ease of use of the software has allowed the investigation to develop and progress in new directions. It was very easy to build a picture of what each bank account and the company account was being used for, including locations of cash withdrawals which proved very interesting.”

“I can now transfer the results (still using the case within Savitrace) onto my colleague to point them towards the next stages of the investigation.”

“The instant visualisation that snapshots bring are powerful and knowledge sharing as a result is much easier. Using Savitrace has enabled me to get to a point where the financial statements are backing up what we believe to be the story, and working in one place rather than trawling through pdfs and excel has saved countless hours.”

“Savitrace has made a big difference not just to the speed of working through the data, but also providing insights for new lines of enquiry that would have been challenging to find using traditional methods.”

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