Interview with James Stillwell, Technical Director

Learn more about Savient in this chat with James Stillwell, Technical Director at Savient. James' role involves working with customers and colleagues to help them navigate a path through the challenges of the ever changing technology landscape. He tells us what technology means to him and why he is proud of the focus Savient brings.

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Savitrace launch week diary

The Launch of our new product Savitrace has involved so many people in the organisation. Matthew and Rachel talk about their experiences and feelings throughout this special week. In our first session, Andy Alhadeff MD and Founder of Savient takes some time out from his busy schedule to share some insights into the company, his vision and why this is such an exciting time for the business.

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Meet Lisa Burton, our Client Executive

In the latest of our chats with those that have helped shape our new Savitrace fraud detection toolset, we speak with Lisa Burton CEO of Digital Risk Experts. Lisa has been the driving force in designing a product that makes life easier for financial investigators.

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